It’s for the kids…

I normally don’t like asking for money, but I will today. This school funding campaign is going to close in three days, and they still need to raise $163 to be able to get the requested printer. Any donation will help. If you could help spread the word, I would appreciate it.

Technology to Publish Student Work

Donors Choose is a wonderful organization that has help teachers raise money for those “extras” that enhance learning. It’s great that educators have avenues like this to obtain tools that they used to use their own hard-earned money to purchase.

I will post something more interesting later.


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M. McMann

I am a writer, an artist, an athlete, a brother. I have the crazy dream of making my part of the world a better place. I like to do kind things in secret and observe the joy I bring into other people's lives. I can't stand seeing others being treated unjustly. I hate the direction our government is taking this country. Since when did taking care of those who can't take care of themselves become evil? Everybody deserves to be treated with dignity, and I think we all appreciate when someone else has offered to lift us up. I am your neighbor. I am Mystery McMann.

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