I am a man who enjoys writing. I have shared fictional short stories for years, but it’s time that I start sharing something a little bit more personal–my story. For now, I am choosing to keep a little bit of mystery about my identity. I have always kept much about my life to myself, and just sharing these stories is a first step in opening up to others. Perhaps some day in the future I will be comfortable enough to share more about my identity.

Some part of me tells me that my stories are probably similar to so many others who may come across this blog. I could be your neighbor, brother, nephew, uncle, or best friend.  There are people all around us who are silently suffering and need to know they are loved.  Unfortunately, so many of us have gone far too long not knowing how to reach out for that love.  This is my attempt to change that.



4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey dude. Reading a bit about you inspired me. Keep it up! I was told the other day to find the voice for someone who can’t find theirs… and that is exactly what you are doing. Good on ya! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comments. As you see, I have been writing this blog off and on for quite a while. Thanks to one of you sharing my post yesterday, I had quite a bit of traffic come through here yesterday. It mean a lot that others are finally reading my story.

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